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George Robert

​feat. Dado Moroni & Jim Rotondi

Beschreibung (english)

I am honored that Patrick Bianco asked me to write the liner notes for his CD, Remembering George Robert. Having known and lived with George for 27 years, we would have celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in 2021! It still seems hard to believe he is no longer with us and his early departure in 2016 from our  world is still difficult to accept. However, all of us who knew him rejoice in the fact that he left a wealth of music behind in the form of recordings, compositions and videos.

I first met Patrick in Bern during his days as a student at the Swiss Jazz School where George took on the daunting task as the school’s director. He embraced his duties with energy and passion. He accepted a bright talented alto sax player, Patrick Bianco, into their already full program because he saw the passion and drive that he had for this music. Patrick knew what he wanted and worked hard to reach his goals. He studied also privately with George and enjoyed hearing George’s anecdotes about life in Berklee or MSM but especially about life on the road with legends such as Clark Terry, Ray Brown or Phil Woods.

Patrick was greatly influenced by the music and playing of Cannonball Adderley, who George felt a close tie to because they both shared the same birthdate, September 15th! In 2018, when Patrick first told me about his plans to prepare a tour and recording of George’s music he said to me, “Having to listen, transcribe and play George’s music now somehow made me feel closer to him spiritually, even closer than when we were sitting in the same room.”

For this special project, Patrick transcribed some of his favorite tunes, created a few arrangements and put together a seasoned group of musicians that is passionately bound together for this tribute to their common friend, George Robert.

Thank you Patrick for keeping the music of George Robert alive!!

—Joan Robert


  • Patrick Bianco, as (CH)

  • Dado Moroni, p (ITA)

  • Jim Rotondi, tp (USA)

  • Bernd Reiter, dr (AT)

  • Stephan Kurmann, b (CH)


Patrick Bianco's Cannonsoul

01.09.2016   Grosse Preise, grosse Wirkung?

Jazztime Interview mit Patrick Bianco, Swiss Jazz Award 2016

Über die Gewinner des Swiss Jazz Award und des Swiss Blues Challenge - Patrick Bianco und seine Band "Cannonsoul" gewannen den diesjährigen Swiss Jazz Award in Ascona. Was bedeuten diese Preise für die Musiker?

01.07.2016   Cannonsoul gewinnen den Swiss Jazz Award

Ascona Jazz Festival, Swiss Jazz Award 2016, Patrick Bianco Cannonsoul

Patrick Bianco's Cannonsoul sind die

Gewinner der 10. Durchführung und

Jubiläumsausgabe des Swiss Jazz Awards. Gestern Donnerstagabend, 30. Juni 2016, um

22.30 Uhr, überreichte Jurymitglied Pepe Lienhard auf der Piazza Elvezia in Ascona...

01.06.2016   Patrick Bianco - Vom Informatiker zum Jazzer

Interview mit Patrick Bianco, Swiss Jazz Award 2016

Patrick Bianco steht mit seiner Band Cannonsoul im Final für den Swiss Jazz Award. Von der Nomination wurde der 38-jährige Saxophonist regelrecht überrascht: Er befand sich gerade auf seiner Hochzeitsreise in die Südstaaten, als ihn die freudige Nachricht erreichte.

05.11.2015   Hochkarätiges Jazzkonzert in der Kirche Glaubten

Patrick Bianco's Cannonsoul Konzerttour

Der Affoltemer Patrick Bianco ist mit seiner Band auf Konzerttour. Diese wird am 8. November mit einem Auftritt in der Kirche Glaubten abgeschlossen. Auf dem Programm steht traditioneller Jazz von Altsaxophonist Cannonball Adderley.

24.09.2013   Gefühlsbetonte Erinnerung

Zeitungsbericht Patrick Bianco's Cannonsoul, Jazzclub Esslingen

Esslingen: Patrick Bianco Quintett eröffnet Herbstsaison im Jazzkeller.

Das Quintett liess in Struktur, Sound und Werktreue den unvergesslichen Julian Cannonball Adderley auferstehen. Allein die Namensgebung war bezeichnend.

12.07.2006   Fetter Ton - Mit Adderley zum Jazz gefunden

Zeitungsartikel Patrick Bianco Cannonsoul

Cannonball Adderley, dem grossen Soulmen des Jazz, ist ein Tribute Konzert gewidmet.

Mit den Helden der Jugend ist das so eine Sache: Nur in den seltensten Fällen bestehen sie den Test der Zeit und bleiben gültige Vorbilder.

18.11.2005   Cannonball Adderley's Erben

Zeitungsartikel Cannonball Adderley's Erben, Patrick Bianco's Cannonsoul

Unter dem neuen Namen "étape2" bieten die "concerts du vendredi" vom Jazzclub Vully/Avenches weiterhin erstklassigen Jazz. Cannonsoul - a tribute to Julian "Cannonball" Adderley begeisterte letzten Freitag das Publikum.

Patrick Bianco ist ein grosser Wurf gelungen. Als langjähriger Verehrer von Cannonball Adderley, den ich auch öfters live erlebt habe, freue ich mich ganz besonders, dass ein Musiker der jüngeren Generation sich an dieses anspruchsvolle Projekt gewagt hat. Und wie! Patrick Bianco, dessen Karriere ich seit den Anfängen verfolge, hat sich in dieser Zeit zu einem reifen, versierten Saxophonisten entwickelt. Mit seinem Sound, seiner Phrasierung aber auch mit der Wahl seiner Sidemen fängt er die Atmosphäre des einmaligen Cannonball Adderley Quintetts perfekt ein. Ein wunderbarer Hörgenuss, der unvergessliche Erinnerungen aufleben lässt.

– Pepe Lienhard (Bandleader)

Bravo to this outstanding group led by alto saxophonist Patrick Bianco! They have done a marvelous job at recapturing the spirit and the energy of the Cannonball Adderley Quintet, which is no easy task! It is very refreshing to listen to this great music which will live on forever and which represents such a special time in jazz history! Thank you to Patrick and his group for doing such a great job with this challenging and indispensable music.

– George Robert (saxophonist, headmaster)

Patrick Bianco is a young musician with vision and passion. With his aptitude towards jazz mastery, he not only grasps the tradition of this art form, but he constantly searches for new ways of expressing himself. His diligence is unquestionable because this young man has a voice and this project showcases his ability to use it.

– Brad Leali (saxophonist)

Patrick Bianco and his group took on a big task in undertaking this tribute to one of the great masters of the alto saxophone, Cannonball Adderley, and he succeeds brilliantly. The group interprets the music in top notch fashion, and Bianco's rich alto sound leads the charge all the way. The addition of special guest Andy McKee just adds to the fire, and passion and swing abound on every track. Trumpeter Peter Tuscher, drummer Bernd Reiter, and stalwart pianist Renato Chicco bring soul and depth to this great music as well. Here is some classic music, performed by a truly gifted young saxophonist, whose voice deserves to be heard. Enjoy!

– Jim Rotondi (trumpeter)

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